A Piece of Nordic Art
Buy food photos and recipes online at 70 euro

We specialize in food photography and now you can purchase and download our mouth-watering photos including recipes in English and Norwegian. Use the photos from our professional photographers, chefs, and designers in your own projects, being food and travel articles, restaurant menus, publicity or as a piece of art on your wall.



Pepper as was started in 1983 and publishes books digitally and on paper. In recent years, we have produced 13 books about food, wine and travel. Several have been published in English and are available as e-books on amazon, i-books etc.

All recipes and photos are produced by the chefs and photographers in Inkognito as. The advertising agency specializes in food and drink and has its own copywriters, designers, chefs, photographers and videographers. In addition, they have a large production department for digital publishing and printing.

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Pepper as


Grønnsundbakken 50, Skiptvet


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